Titan is a very large coastal city that started out as a small village more than a hundred years ago. Since then it has managed to grow with the times and become a force to be reckoned with anywhere in the world. A shipload of families on route from Greece were blown of course in a storm and their ship crashed in a secluded bay far from any of the existing colonies in America in the year 1707. These were the first citizens of Titan who used the hull of their ship to shield them from the elements while building the first structures of their new home. Over time numerous industries developed, among them a large quarry which provided stone for the city as well as trade with developing cities. As stone buildings began rising ad the city grew the greek influence on the architecture was obvious.

In the 1950’s Titan built it’s first nuclear reactor which served to meet the cities growing energy needs as it’s population swelled. It was also in this period that the first superhumans began appearing within the city limits. Until the end of the millennium the various heroes and villains who fought their private wars on the rooftops of Titan were viewed as a threat to public safety and a general nuisance.

When the Mayor Wintergreen took office in 2001 her establishment of the RSRU was questioned but when the organization started getting results the new mayor found massive support. It was also around this time that the crime fighter known as Justice began appearing in Titan. For the first time the villains of Titan had serious opposition in their endeavors leading to an era of peace.

Chimera Laboratories
Gaea Park
Glass Island Maximum Security Prison
The Museum of Unnatural History
The Prometheus Power Plant

The Daughters of the Atom
The Harpies
The Torch

Mayor Elizabeth Hardwick
Brian Moone
Dr. Curtis Meyers
Dr. Eliza Barron
Jaguar/Douglas Monroe
Sharon Ross
The Eroder


The Rising Cost of Justice Sakutia